Exploring the Trego Nature Trail

Let’s Take a Hike! 

The Trego Nature Trail is an easy and accessible way to explore the Namekagon River throughout all four seasons in northern Wisconsin. It is only 3.5 miles round trip along the Namekagon River with many varieties of plants and wildlife. This undemanding terrain is great for solo hikers, friends, couples and families to explore a hidden gem in Washburn County! 

There are two places to begin your hike even before you hit the trail. The first place is the Washburn County Visitor’s Center. There you can check out the birding backpack to learn the sights and sounds of our in-flight wildlife. There are also maps and other Washburn County resources to keep your adventure going once you’re done hiking the Trego Nature Trail! 

You can also visit the Namekagon Visitor Center. Nestled on Highway 63, the Namekagon Visitor Center has everything you need to plan your trip. There are river maps and brochures, as well as river exhibits including the 19-minute film The St. Croix: A Northwoods Journey. 

Use the picnic tables at the visitor center to fuel up before your trip or wind down afterwards and pick up the junior ranger activities for the littlest members of your hiking party to enjoy! If you have any questions, there is a park ranger stationed at the Namekagon Visitor Center as well. 

Drive just east of the Namekagon Visitor Center to park your car at the trailhead and begin your hike. Once you arrive, you’ll easily forget that you just left a state highway as the trail immediately envelops in tall pine trees. The easy terrain of the Trego Nature Trail makes this experience accessible for nearly anyone who is interested in exploring the area. It is relatively flat with a few hills here and there, but overall, very doable for a wide range of people. The natural shade from the trees provides reprieve from the sun even on warmer days. 

Hikers experience a variety of senses while trekking the trail. As it follows the Namekagon River, you can hear birds talking to each other, listen to paddlers and floaters drift down the scenic waterway and watch for signs of the many different kinds of wildlife on the trail including deer, squirrels, fox, snowshoe hare, otters, muskrats, bobcats, and many species of birds. Be sure to pack binoculars with so that you can get the best view from a safe distance. You can smell the fresh air and feel the breeze blowing through the trees along the way. We don’t encourage tasting anything unless you packed a snack to enjoy mid-hike! 

The Trego Nature Trail does allow dogs on leashes so bring along your furry friend for a little fun and exploration! 

If you are looking for an easy hike with great views of diverse habitats, the Trego Nature Trail has what you need. Relax, have fun and enjoy your hike! More information about hiking and snowshoeing the Namekagon River can be found here. Download a printable version of the wildlife checklist here.